EZVIZ C8C 1080p Outdoor Pan-Tilt Wi-Fi Network Security Camera with Night Vision

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  • C8C LitePan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera 360-degree vision for wider protection.The C8C Lite features flexible pan & tilt design to watch over large space, which helps greatly reduce blind spots in monitoring. The camera is well engineered with 1080p video clarity, AI-powered human shape detection and weatherproof design, so as to deliver smart, reliable protection.1080pMotorized Pan & Tilt for 360° Visual CoverageAI-Powered Human Shape DetectionIR Night Vision (Up to 30 m / 100 ft)Weatherproof DesignAudio Pick-UpSupports 2.4 GHz WiFiH.265 Video TechnologySupports MicroSD Card Storage (up to 256 GB)Supports EZVIZ CloudPlay Storage See everything in clear detail.This camera captures 1080p high-definition video and images, recording every moment with sharp clarity. Rotate to cover every corner that matters.Can’t see wide enough with your current security camera? The C8C Lite is here to help extend your vision. Being able to pan and tilt to take in 360-degree field-of-view, the camera can easily cover wide areas and greatly reduce blind spots.352°Horizontal95°Vertical AI-powered human shape detection.Smarter than ever! As an upgrade from simple motion detection, the embedded AI algorithm intelligently detects the motion of human shapes in real time. When people enter your customized detection area, you will be alerted immediately. Great night vision at extended distance.To provide 24/7 peace-of-mind, the C8C Lite supports late-night monitoring with super night vision of up to 30 meters (100 feet). It allows you to see what’s happening in clear details no matter when.Night images from the C8C LiteNight images from other cameras Elegant and durable design.Say goodbye to bulkiness. This camera adopts a novel round and compact design with a simple black and white housing. It’s stylish enough to embellish your life but simple enough to look good anywhere.What’s more, its weatherproof design keeps it operating without being interrupted by any kind of weather – wind, rain, or snow. Hear what’s happening.The built-in noise-canceling microphone picks up clear audio and lets you hear and see what’s happening in your backyard wherever you are. Reduce storage space and bandwidth, but maintain same video quality.The C8C Lite features the advanced H.265 video compression technology, achieving better video quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space of the previous video compression standard (H.264).Video StorageBandwidth*When the 24/7 recording mode is applied, the H.265 technology can reduce the required video storage space and bandwidth by 50% when compared to the H.264. We protect your data and privacy.Protecting your data and privacy is our highest priority. Data transmission between the device and the EZVIZ Cloud is encrypted from end to end. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data.AES 128-bit encryptionTLS encryption protocolMulti-step authentication Two storage options.With two storage options, you can choose where to save your recordings. The camera can even save to two locations at the same time for added backup in case the camera is damaged, or your network crashes.Supports MicroSD CardEncrypted Cloud Storage**Cloud storage service is only available in certain markets. Please verify the availability before making any purchase.


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